What IS a binge?

“The consumption of large quantities of food in a short period of time, typically as part of an eating disorder”

(Oxford Dictionary Definition)

When is a binge not a binge?

Everyone eats too much from time to time. Delicious food, a celebration, or just because…we have all overdone it and that’s fine- it’s normal- if it’s done without




When is bingeing a problem?

When YOU recognize it to be a problem!

That, and when any or all of the following are a regular part of your life:

  • You feel out of control around food
  • You don’t know what “full” means
  • You aren’t eating for pleasure
  • You aren’t eating to satisfy hunger
  • You cram in food to replace other things that are missing in your life
  • You eat guiltily and at speed
  • You eat mindlessly- as if you are in a trance sometimes
  • You eat to punish yourself
  • You feel an initial sense of relief when you start to eat, followed by shame, guilt and remorse
  • You say that each time is the last time
  • You eat vast quantities in secret, sometimes planning binges ahead of time
  • You refuse social invitations to avoid eating and then binge at home alone
  • You binge to numb the pain
  • You binge to ease frustration
  • You binge because you are having a “fat day”
  • You binge because you are sad
  • You have foods that somehow “trigger” a binge
  • You take days off work after a binge, or don’t function properly somehow
  • Your days are consumed with calories, fat content, carbs, good foods, bad foods, good days, bad days….

…and many more!

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