My Programmes

If you are serious about making lasting changes that put an end to binge eating then you have come to the right place!”
Oh and by the way, If weight loss or weight stability is your goal- would you like to reach a healthy weight and stay there, normally, naturally?

  • Do you want to stop the cycle of bingeing, or bingeing and starving, for good?
  • Do you want to be happy and comfortable with yourself, maintain a healthy size and lifestyle, and do this binge free?
  • Do you want to be more productive, to have the confidence at work and at play, because less of your life is consumed (no pun intended here) by thinking about food and how it’s all making you feel?
  • Do you think your life would be better, if only you could get your eating under control?
  • Do you want to be able to enjoy food, relax and enjoy it, and basically get your life back?

BANISH™ that binge!

My signature programmes will help you to identify why you binge and find YOUR best route out. They are MY programmes, but it’s YOUR journey, and YOUR great results.

You don’t have to spend your life out of control and miserable around your eating behaviour any more. How does that make you feel, just knowing that? Your results are generated by your discovering,, with me, your personal blueprint for success. After all, You are your own expert!

B is for Breakthrough

“breakthrough” sessions that help you make positive changes for good.

A is for Action

Action plans tailored to your needs and issues

N is for Nutrition

Nutritional support: discovering any “trigger” foods that cause binges, tracking and action plans to enable you to replace these with healthy alternatives without losing vital nutrients yet still let you have a life!

I is for Issue Busting!

Issue busters – getting ALL the excuses out of the way!

S is for Support

SUPPORT between sessions when you need it

H is for How To’s

“How-To’s” – strategies and tactics for lasting change, whatever challenges life has in store for you.


ALL of my programmes have been designed by myself for maximum results, and require you to be 100 per cent committed to getting yourself to a better place with food and STOP BINGEING NOW!

Whichever one you choose- it’s up to you- you will absolutely benefit from these and I’m really excited to have developed them.


I’m still learning too, and discover new research, new findings all the time. I’m fascinated by this world and want to ensure that I use the most cutting- edge approaches that I can! I therefore reserve the right to change the content of the programmes as I need to ensure that I give you my very best service.