Dine With Me – Virtual Dining Experience

Learn to eat for pleasure and lose the fear!

Welcome to my newest programme and I’m delighted to be able to offer this either as part of a programme or as a stand-alone session.
What on earth is it about?

Many of you who binge eat are terrified of food. You may have “trigger” foods, or eat in secret…you may have completely different eating behaviour with others (in public) than when you are alone. Do you recognise this?

You and I will have dinner together (usually over Skype), after a pre- dinner discussion about your particular issues.During our one- hour session we work on slowing your eating pace, losing the fear and enjoying your food. For reasons that I’ll share, slow eating and enjoyable eating are WAY more important than calories in- calories out….and this is KEY to finding your way out of the eating tunnel!

What Do I Get?

  • A one- hour “virtual” dining experienceTechniques to help you slow and enjoy your food
  • Techniques to cement those positive feelings and behaviour in the future
  • A follow – up telephone/ skype call
  • A follow – up MP3/ CD for you to use daily in order to embed new, more positive habits
  • An MP3 / CD for you to take away and use daily to embed those new, improved habits!
  • All for a one – off price paid in advance of £250

All for a single payment of £250