Corporate and Speaking Engagements

Motivating, and inspiring women to stop the negativity of comparing themselves to each other, both in the workplace and out of it!

Book Su Brampton for your company event or team meeting and see your team blossom and grow in confidence, competence, creativity and PRODUCTIVITY!

Su delivers transformational live presentations and workshops or business audiences, whether to large or small organisations, in the private and the not-for-profit sector. She will also deliver after – lunch and after- dinner talks for professional networking and business events.


What I Do

Su specializes in body image and self esteem issues in professional women –something that’s probably more common than you think and with consequences that not only impact on the women themselves but also on sickness, absence and productivity rates! She’s also the founder and owner of Stop Bingeing Now, which develops and provides tailored programmes for professional women whose eating is out of control.

Su’s presentations and workshops are always tailored to YOUR audience; thought-provoking, straight-talking, sometimes challenging, and yet accessible- which are focused and specific, and SO much more than just an interesting talk! Her sessions will enable teams, organisations and individuals to reconsider the impact of eating issues, low self- esteem and body image and develop more productive and positive solutions, without ever being “woolly”- instead speaking directly to the innermost needs of the female professional workforce.

Energetic, warm and passionate yet direct, Su loves the buzz around public speaking engagements and corporate events and the challenges that these represent! So if you want to learn more about how Su’s approach helps women, or you simply want to invest in and motivate, challenge and inspire your female colleagues or develop leadership skills with a bucketful of confidence thrown in, she’d love to hear from you!

To learn more about Su’s speaking topics, or to enquire about Su’s availability and prices, please contact us on 07568 565 808 or email   We look forward to speaking with you!